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My name is Maarit Pietiläinen and I study psychotherapy at the University of Eastern Finland/Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute (2020-2024). I will graduate as a psychotherapist in May 2024 and after that I will be offering Kela-therapy.

I am also a Solution Focused Brief Therapist (Advanced Solution-Focused Practitioner, IASTI), a registered nurse (psychiatric) and a Bachelor of Culture and Arts. I also study at the University of Applied Sciences to become a Master of Health Care in mental health and substance abuse treatment. There I work on my thesis at the moment.

I've worked for years in the psychiatric field from different perspectives. For me, it is relevant as a solution focused therapist that a client feels heard and met without any prejudices. In solution focused therapy, you are not defined by your diagnoses, nor does your past directly predict your future.

I offer therapy services as a psychotherapist-student with student prices (until 05/2024) as part of my studies, during which the work supervision is intensive and organized by experienced trainer psychotherapists (Tapani Ahola, Ben Furman, Jussi Saarnio). I am honored to have Ben Furman as my mentor.

I also offer solution focused brief therapy, single sessions, and sessions with a hypnotherapeutic approach (Milton H. Erickson's model). I also do Reteaming-coaching and training/lectures as a licensed healthcare professional.

I work with all ages as well as with families, couples, and groups. I have special knowledge of OCD.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me for more information: 

My working languages are Finnish and English. I also understand some Swedish and German.